Sharon Benjamin is a talented and respected Australian singer / songwriter and musician. She is not only a feature on many music festival stages, but also a popular performer in clubs and hotels across Australia. Along with her husband Mark, the duo have been playing cover songs for dancers and listeners alike with a huge repetoire of songs from many genres. Sharon has been gifted with a versatile voice that allows her not only to sing her beloved country music, but to belt out pop songs and rock songs whenever called for. She even dabbles into jazz and old show classics with her morning melodies performances.

With her performing career spanning 25 years, she has now branched into music production with husband Mark Hillier and long time friend Marcus Hooper - Redbak Recording Studios is based in Leeton N.S.W, and already has a fine line up of artists and albums to its credit.

A fine performer in her own right, Sharon is now enjoying the honour of helping other artists bring their recording dreams to fruition - one of her favourite parts of the production process is the recording of her harmonies - This process is both challenging and rewarding and, depending on the requirements of the song, the process can end up with just one harmony line throughout the song, right up to numerous layers to produce an almost choir-like finish.